Wednesday, February 16, 2005

I'm a zombie and need sleep

Right, since I've managed to pull myself away for five mins, I may as well let you know how it's going -

I got WOW on Staturday night and it feels as if I haven't slept since. I wouldn't have bought the game if it wasn't for a mate of mine. I've never played an MMO before, and I think they can be quite intimidating to the uninitiated and solo players.

So, wanting to play with my mate, I did the same as he had, (he had been playing since the games release on Friday).

Night elf, priest, herbalism, alchemy, pvp Shadow Moon server.

That was Saturday night.

Now - Level 16 and more spells than you can shake a mystical staff at.

The game's amazing, utterly depressing and completely addictive. I'm not going to go into the functions of the game etc, but why this is the most addictive game I have ever played.

There seems to be a constant competitive streak among many players, in that they do not want to be left behind. I've seen players in the level 30s, which blows my mind - they must not have slept one hour, or have jobs, or have girlfriends, or need to eat or drink.

In other words, I play all the time so I can keep up with my friend, and all his other friends, so we can quest together and generally be on a level playing field.

It's a curious, and utterly new feeling for me in a game.

Then of course, there are more traditional gaming thrills to be had, like the moment you learn a new spell, and kill a beast three levels higher than you with it for the first time.

Or when the sun is coming up over the horizon in real time, just as the sun is coming up outside my window, during a gaming taht has seen the last seven hours lost in an eyes blink.

Then, there is the pleasure only an MMO can give - like running into Horde territory with two mates and taunting other players into a duel, only for them to sound the alarm and draw a huge mob that runs you out of town.


Utterlly compelling, sad and wondrous. Fuck the server problems - wipe the next year off my life.

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Oz said...

U know u love me cause i got u hoked on this game, now stop picking flowers and get ur finger out of ur ass.