Sunday, December 12, 2004

rating level 7 = crap

First off, I'm completely new to the whole online gaming thing.

Having just got broadband recently, and now having hooked up XBox Live, I can safely say Halo 2 online is one of the most refreshing experiences I've had infront of a small screen and a console. It is also my first online gaming experience ever.

Call myself a hardcore gamer - no wonder I didn't get that job at Games Master.

Playing with others online is so different - I know I'm a virgin, but I think what Bungie have done to make it welcoming is excellent - pairing players up with a similar rating for quick matches - and should be applauded. As a newbie, I was anxious about getting my arse kicked, not just with Halo 2, but with online gaming in general.

I don't, which is great. XBox Live has opened a whole new world of gaming to me, and I'm sure, a million other gamers across the globe who, like me, have previously only played multiplayer with Pro Evolutiion Soccer and a multitap, or Streetfighter II down the arcade.

Still feel as if I'm playing a hideously futile game of catchup, with online FPS gamers who have been doing this for years on the PC. They are just so fast.

I will probably never get to a level where I'm actually good, but that's not the point. I'll have an amazing time trying.

Have to beat seven though . . . somehow, must creep up to double figures . . .

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Jamie said...

You have it easy. My first experience of online FPS'ing was CounterStrike back in the days before Punkbuster and no-cheat servers. You're trying to get past seven? Try getting /one/ when every other bastard on the level has an aimbot.